20 October 2009

The focus shifts from AJ4PM to DM4PM

The sun is not shining on Alan Johnson this morning, the man that the Tory party fear the most.

First up, John Rentoul has spotted this “slightly quixotic” brief letter from Labour MP Colin Challen :

Perhaps Labour could avoid a generation out of power with the following calendar: 23 November, election of a new PLP chair is a signal that there is sufficient feeling that Gordon too has to go; 30 November, sufficient signatures gathered, Gordon goes; party recognises need for quick leadership election, new leader installed by 21 December; one month to show off new cabinet and launch one Tory-busting cruise missile of a new policy; dissolve parliament 28 January, election day 18 or 25 February. Labour's bounce leaves it as largest party, possibly with Ed Miliband as PM. What are the odds?

There is further gloom on the AJ front.  Rachel Sylvester, having spoken to a Cabinet minister or two, comes down on the side of the Milibands:

There are many who hope that the Miliband brothers, having saved the world, will save their party. For years Labour was dominated by the political brothers, Mr Blair and Mr Brown, whose rivalry tore the family apart; now the leadership is hovering between two real brothers who, for the moment at least, remain friends.

It’s no good going for a caretaker candidate, fun though Alan Johnson is. Labour needs a leader who looks ready for the future and really wants the job. The party has to move on to the next generation.

Sylvester hints that Mandy may well switch his support to Miliband the elder.  If that is true, then it is all over for Brown.

So, there we have it.  AJ’s star is fading and a momentum is building for the ‘band of Miliband brothers’.  No question that Miliband the elder wants the job, but is he the ideal alternative to David Cameron?

If the rumours are true, we will soon know the answer.

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  1. Millipede will never live down the banana pic, nor the foreign office gaffes in India.

    The boys a fool, but he won't last a single term, it might be best for AJ for someone else to take the blame for labours forthcoming electoral meltdown.