05 October 2009

The debate about the debate


Our friend from up north, one Alex Salmond, has come along to put a spoke in the wheel and threatened legal action if he is not allowed to take part in the TV leaders' debate.

John Swinney, Scotland's finance secretary, has been sent in to bat:

That [legal action] might be a possibility, but, long before we get to that judgement, we have to have full and open discussions with the broadcasters about the arrangements that can be put in place.

Dear Alex will not want Gordon Brown hogging the limelight up in Scotland during the general election.

David Cameron has now chipped in, saying that Alex Salmond should not take part in a national TV debate:

Alex Salmond is not running for the UK Parliament.

There's not going to be an SNP government after the next election. So I don't think that does make sense.

I am always very happy to debate with him or anyone else but I think that a debate about the future of the Scottish Parliament is a debate he needs to have with Annabel Goldie and other leaders in Scotland.

The warm-up act may not be followed by not very much at all at this rate.  Mike Smithson is also beginning to have doubts and makes the obvious point:

I wonder whether Cameron’s going along with the idea because he thinks that’s the most popular stance to take but he’s hoping it will all fall flat. After all as the front-runner he has most to lose.

The rush to buy the popcorn should be put on hold.

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1 comment:

  1. CallMeDave's going the right way about having no MPs here after next year.

    Why should Salmond be told he must debate with the regional managers of the main three parties when he's a leader of the main party in Scotland?

    Oh Davey, you've just no idea how proud the Scots are when one of their own is treated like this.

    Claymores at dawn seems to be the next step.