14 October 2009

Sarkozy falls in love with Gordon

A year ago everybody did think Brown had “saved the world”.  Initially, the French president did have reservations about Our Dear Leader, but he was bowled over:

You know, Gordon, I should not like you. You are Scottish, we have nothing in common and you are an economist.  But somehow, Gordon, I love you…but not in a sexual way.

In the cold light of day, after all the emotion of the banking crisis had faded, a British official summed up Brown’s role:

It wasn't a question of leadership or particular imagination - he just had to act.

Twelve months after walking on water, Cabinet ministers worry that Brown is not interested in the “nitty-gritty of winning a general election in less than seven months' time”.  One says:

It was perhaps Gordon's finest moment. I'm not sure how many votes there are in it, though.

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