26 October 2009

Once again, Klaus changes his mind

Vaclav Klaus, the Czech President, has obviously had a bad weekend.  On Saturday it was reported that his demands had been met and he would sign the treaty.  Today, Klaus has had another mood swing:

In a submission to the Czech constitutional court, which will decide tomorrow whether the treaty is compatible with the country’s constitution, Mr Klaus has suggested that it should be subject to a referendum.

The court will hold a one-day public hearing tomorrow in a case seen as the final legal obstacle to the treaty in the Czech Republic.

President Klaus has vowed not to sign until after the court’s verdict, which is expected in a week’s time.

This is all very frustrating, as there are important matters to be decided.  Will Tony Blair become President of Europe?  If not, will Miliband the elder be off?  Then, there is the small matter of who will replace Our Dear Leader.  And finally, Cameron’s ‘new policy’ announcement and little explosion this will cause within his party.

The politics of our damp islands are in suspended animation due to this dithering old man, who wishes to retain Czech sovereignty but interfere with ours!

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