21 October 2009

Polls, biscuits, the Milibands and Brown’s plans

Not one but two more polls that paint a similar picture to Mori.  All three show a 17% Tory lead .  It as if the conference season didn't happen.

Meanwhile “Biscuitgate” rumbles on with Jim Pickard reporting:

I’m told on good authority, Brown didn’t even see the biscuit questions. No fewer than 800 queries were lobbed at him by the mothers. Most were filtered by his advisers.

Then there is further news on the Milibands, with the Phi100 panel saying it should be Ed not David.

So, there we have it.  Dreadful polls, Brown being badly advised and the untested Miliband as the favoured candidate to lead Labour at the next election .

Meanwhile, Iain Martin has news that Brown still believes he can win through:

I’m told of much frantic work on the Labour campaign effort, with the PM now in over-drive working out his plan for the election. I am agog to hear what he’ll come up with.

This brings us neatly back to the policy debate, which has been discussed before.  Unless Labour have a credible leader who can communicate and is not constantly ridiculed, then the “campaign effort” will fail.

The question that Labour MPs need to ask themselves is this.  Do the ‘band of Miliband brothers’ have the leadership qualities to sell the policies and reverse the polls?

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