16 October 2009

AJ on Question Time: Is he happy?

Alan Johnson gave a competent performance on Question Time.  There was no grandstanding nor fireworks and little that will overload YouTube.  Tom Harris, who has been quietly singing the AJ theme tune, thought he was “very impressive when talking about Afghanistan”.

Yet, beneath the surface you have to wonder if AJ is that happy with what is going on.

There was the implied criticism of the decision to field Jack Straw alongside the BNP leader Nick Griffin on QT next week.  Then we had his direct intervention in the Royal Mail dispute, when he said the Government should not get involved.  As Newsnight demonstrated, this is exactly what is happening with Mandy pulling the strings.

It wasn't the time nor the place for a leadership push.  If that happens it will take place away the cameras.  Like the rest of us, AJ is watching and waiting.

Don't rule out Alan Johnson just yet.

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  1. AJ was pathetic last night on QT. You'd been building him up for this episode since the Labour Party Conference but he just didn't live up to the billing.

  2. Aye Howard, your pal wasn't any brighter than a 40w bulb I'm afraid.

    Lady Joan outshone them all.