15 October 2009

AJ4PM: Watching and waiting

John Rentoul wants know who wrote this:

Not too late for Labour to ditch Brown and win

Sweeping modesty aside, the answer is at hand.  We both did.  The article is a synopsis of what us AJ campaigners have been saying for months.  Of course, Labour would be much better off with a new leader to sing the David Blanchflower theme tune.

Should it be AJ or one David Miliband?  Our Man is on Question Time this week.  How he handles himself could be a indication as to whether he wants the job.  Then there is the small matter of how he goes down with the audience.  There is little put having another leader who doesn't resonant with the public, which could be why Miliband may not be the best choice.

The sparks will fall on the gunpowder soon.  We watch and wait.

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