04 October 2009

Cameron is being ‘economical with the truth’ over Europe

Cameron was less than impressive on Marr.  Either he is feeling the pressure or becoming over confident.

Let us deal with Europe first.  Cameron stuck to the line that he trotted out yesterday, but then added this:

There's a very good reason for saying what we're saying which is I don't want to say anything or do anything now that would undermine or prejudice what is happening in other countries when they are still debating whether to ratify this treaty,

All very well, but this is not exactly what has been going on.

Cameron did send a letter to the Czech president, “reassuring Mr Klaus that if he held up the EU's Lisbon deal, Mr Cameron would stage a referendum in Britain if he wins power”.

Cameron needs to be rather careful.  He may have just added to his self-inflicted problems over Europe.

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1 comment:

  1. he's a slippery so and so, i can't help but want him to slip over himself