20 October 2009

Cameron proved himself today

After sitting on the fence over Europe, Cameron has shown leadership with his announcement at the Speaker’s conference that he may introduce women-only shortlists.  It will not worry Cameron one bit that Iain Dale and ConservativeHome are up in arms.  What Cameron has done is demonstrate to the wider public that he can and will change his party in the lead up to the election.

Overall, Cameron gave a polished confident performance as against Brown, who was his usual wooden self and only interested in scoring political points.  Little wonder he decided not to appear with the other leaders, as was originally planned.  If Brown does remain as leader, the TV leaders’ debates will not happen.

Labour is fast approaching the point where it is running out of time.  The latest poll, at odds with other recent surveys, gives the Tories a commanding lead:

Con 43% (+7), Lab 26% (+2), Lib 19% (-6)

The figures show that voting intentions have returned to the parties’ positions before the conference season, but we still need a few more polls to confirm the trend.

Cameron showed today that it will be a near impossible task for a new Labour leader to establish himself before the election.

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1 comment:

  1. There is an old proverb; 'Better eggs today than chicken tomorrow'. There is another one, too; 'Tomorrow is promised to no-one'.

    There is a long way to go and much treachery to be dealt out and dealt with before this scum are turned out, hopefully for ever.