11 October 2009

Cherie Blair gives another lesson in precision timing

imageWith the Chilcot inquiry swinging into action this week, along comes Cherie Blair to do her level worst on behalf of Tony:

A lot of the time these choices are not clear-cut. They are not black and white.  Instead of being 80-20, many of them are actually more like 51-49. When taking those decisions, Tony is able to step back, absorb all the information and then choose.  He is also very good at then convincing everybody else that it was a 70-30 decision all along. I think it [the Iraq war] was one of those 51-49 questions.

What a shame that Blair could never persuade his wife to shut-up in public.  It would be so much better for both of them and everybody else.

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1 comment:

  1. Somehow I think this was no accidental statement. The Blairs know that things might go badly at the Inquiry. They may well be laying the ground for such an eventuality. How much worse will it look if it appears was what Tony did was really, really, really wrong. This way he can only be a little bit wrong, a couple of percentage points wide of the mark.