29 October 2009

If Brown had a flag

Mathew Norman has a wonderful writing style.  Having demolished Jack Straw last week he turns his attention to Our Dear Leader.  Norman is far from impressed with Brown’s performance and mentions the surrender over cutting the TA budget:

If Gordon had a flag, it would be a cream cross on a beige background.

He concludes:

Gordon is the Sadim of global politics, everything this reverse Midas touches turning straight to plutonium. There is no point asking how much more radiation sickness he can take. Endurance of suffering is the one strength he has left, and no disaster or torrent of them will send him to his study with the Glenlivet and trusty Luger now. But it isn't pretty to watch, and it feels immoral that it should continue. Killing a healthy baboon is a very different proposition, as his Cabinet still has a little time to appreciate, from mercifully ending the political life of an ailing buffoon.

Hopefully, sometime soon, he will turn his attention in a positive way to Alan Johnson.  His support would be most welcome.  There is still time left.

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