27 October 2009

Not just another poll

There is a new ComRes poll in the Indy.  Unfortunately, it compares the figures with last poll to appear in the daily paper rather than the last one that ComRes carried out for the Indy on Sunday.  Anthony Wells has the correct comparison:

CON 40%(nc), LAB 27%(-1), LDEM 18%(-1)

Anthony Wells also notes that there has been no significant boost for the BNP following Griffin’s appearance on Question Time:

Like YouGov at the weekend, they are at 2% in this poll, up from 1% in the last poll, but pretty much par from the course (ComRes already had them at 2% in their poll at the start of October).

Now, for the figures that confirm that David Cameron has yet to seal the deal with the electorate:

Nearly half of voters (45 per cent) say they agree David Cameron “seems likeable, but I am not sure I am ready to see a Conservative government”, with 49 per cent disagreeing


38 per cent of Tory supporters agree with the statement, underlining the problem party strategists continue to face in converting hostility to the Brown government into positive support for the Conservatives.

So, barely six months out from the election there is further proof that is not all over for the Labour party, if only they would resolve the leadership.

For Cameron the problems are twofold.  Not only is his party failing to cut through with the electorate, but it isn't  united behind him during this critical pre-election period. 

Party grandees and the grassroots are at odds with him on women-only shortlists and Michael Heseltine has rightly warned Cameron that his European policy will have to change.

As Mike Smithson says the Tories are stuck on 40%, “which isn’t comfortable enough”.

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