19 October 2009

The PLP vote: Another failed coup in the making

Once-upon-a-time it was rumoured that Barry Sheerman would run for the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) as a ‘Brown must go’ candidate.

Last week, Hopi Sen carried out a little detective work and reported that if Sheerman does stand it will not be to challenge Brown.

Now, The Telegraph is speculating that others may enter the ring:

Disaffected MPs say Barry Sheerman, Parmjit Dhanda and Jane Kennedy are all under pressure from colleagues to put themselves forward to challenge Mr Lloyd for his job.

Obviously, the article doesn't refer to Hopi’s good work neither does it reflect the views of Jim Pickard:

In fact many Labour MPs (including hard-core rebels) have told me that Mr Sheerman wouldn’t have a chance. He is not seen as very clubbable. “I don’t know who his friends within Westminster are,” one told me.

More importantly, there are also concerns that just because he wants the PLP vote to be about Mr Brown’s leadership that would not necessarily make it so. There would still be questions over whether people were voting on Sheerman vs Brown or simply on Sheerman vs Lloyd.

Admittedly, matters have moved on somewhat since last week but the vote not is taken until after the Queen’s Speech, still some weeks away.

It is far too early for any sensible plotter to declare their hand.  As discussed previously, if there was an organised coup it would not be in the papers.

This unfolding story has all the hallmarks of being another cock-up.

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