05 October 2009

AJ is on manoeuvres

Alan Johnson has taken himself for few days to visit ‘our boys’.

This essential visit has several purposes.  One, is to equate himself fully with what is going on the frontline.  Two, he will be keeping an eye on the hapless Bob Ainsworth and lastly, he will dealing with urgent government business that only someone with his skills can resolve.  Our Man’s visit is expected to be a complete success.

The AJ4PM campaign committee wish to make it known that this visit is not a cynical ploy to deflect attention away from the Tory conference.  Our Man is above such silly tactics.

On the other hand, Brown’s visit to Northern Ireland is totally unjustified.  It is a cynical tactical move to deflect attention away from the Tory conference and will achieve nothing.

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  1. I get so angry at politicians trailing over to war zones for their various reasons. The disruption these visits cause to our forces is unbelievable and puts lives at risk because so many personnel are pulled away from their usual duties to ferry these people around, be their security etc.

    When a VIP or politician visits front lines surely they realise the transport (in Afghanistan always helicopters) they're using is denying soldiers safe transport or causing others to have to live in hellish conditions for a longer time than necessary or sensible for their safety.

    These visits should only be once or twice a year but my information is that it's continuous. Bob Ainsworth last week, Alan Johnson this week and it will go on and on.

    By the way it's not only labour polticians, they're all at it for the photo opportunity and the Tshirt.

  2. You shouldn't take me seriously all the time. I do try and have a bit of fun.

  3. Oh! Right I shan't. Sorry. It was unfortunate this post was one of my hobby horses wasn't it. Anyway Aintworthit is such a fool, I can understand why people make fun of him, I do it myself. :)