27 October 2009

Not “singing and dancing”, but “chairmanic”

Cameron made his views plain at his press conference:

I don't think we should be having a president of Europe, but if we absolutely have to go in that direction, I would prefer someone who took more of a chairmanship of the union rather than an all-singing, all-dancing, all acting president, which I know Blair would be.

He went further:

And even if there is a president, I don't think it should be Tony Blair. They should be more chairmanic.

Chairmanic?  Just imagine the media reaction if Brown had come up with a word like that.

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  1. He's actually not very articualte is he when it's not written by a speechwriter?

  2. Very good point.

    While there is an air of Blair (sorry, couldn't think of another way of putting it) about Cameron, I don't think he's quite the Blair Mark II other people claim he is.
    But he has definately built his house on the same foundations. "all-singing, all-dancing, all acting" is probably not a bad way of summing up Cameron

    Was the first comment post by Cameron do you think?