30 October 2009

Democracy on the cheap

Are you are looking forward to the election?  You remember the drill.  A polling card arrives, then on election day it is just a short stroll to the polling station to cast your vote.  Well, thanks to Mr Boom & Bust all this is about to change.

The Times (if you can believe what's in the paper these days) brings the news of Jack Straw's latest wheeze to cut public expenditure.  In this “Age of Austerity” polling stations are to be closed, voting hours reduced, and polling cards will be replaced by an e-mail.  In a bid to save £65m, other cost saving measures to increase voter apathy and make it harder for candidates to stand will be laid before you.

This cunning plan, of course, will make it harder for people in rural areas to vote where there are fewer Labour supporters.

If there any changes to be made to the democratic progress they should made with cross-party support after a period of consultation, rather than be rammed through by Brown.  He will never learn.

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  1. This is an attempt to rig the election in favour of Labour.

    Dirty fight ahead !!

  2. It's actually even worse. In order to save money this government ordered the MoD to close all their establishments over the Christmas and New Year period for the past couple of years.

    Overheads were too expensive I understand.

    And we're at war with 9,000 troops out in that hellish terrain ...