05 October 2009

Brown will not be able to cope with this

imageFor months some of us have discussed and debated how to force Our Dear Leader out.  Have we now found a solution?

Barack Obama has a cunning plan to set up a little committee of “super economies” to take key decisions for the world.  There is no place for Gordon Brown.

Known as the “Group of Four”, the committee would comprise the U.S., Japan, China and a representative of the Eurozone.  Could this be one Tony Blair if he did become President of Europe?

What an indignity for Brown.  His world would come crashing down.  It would be the end.

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  1. It would be amusing - but Blair? Dear God Help Us!

  2. Sorry to get all serious, but Gordy is probably about the best qualified applied economist in the Eurozone, so having him head an organisation of that sort would be good from the point of view that he knows what he's talking about.

    Again, apologies for being serious