10 October 2009

AJ4PM: The PLP vote revisited

Having been given the position of secretary-general by the chairman of the AJ4PM campaign committee, all important matters must be duly recorded.

We have already dealt with Brown’s interview and the polls, we now move on to developments within the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) as reported in the Independent:

Rebel Labour MPs are discussing a plan to field a "Brown must go" candidate for the post of chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) when the incumbent Tony Lloyd, who remains loyal to Mr Brown, comes up for re-election in the next few weeks.

The significance here is the vote has to be taken by secret ballot, so the whips will have no idea what is really going on.

Admittedly, we have been through this hoop before when it was picked by the Daily Mail a month ago.  The consensus then was that if there was a plot on it wouldn't be the papers and the vote in itself insufficient to force Brown out.

However, time has moved on and with it the urgency of the situation.  There has to be trigger that will motivate Labour MPs to take action and the PLP vote may well be what does it.

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