12 October 2009

The Legg inquiry: "The solution not the problem"

imageThat is how Alan Johnson brilliantly described Sir Thomas's little task over the summer months. 

Today we get Act 2, Scene 1 of the MPs’ expenses scandal.  Star of the show will Gordon Brown closely followed by Alistair Darling and Geoff Hoon.  Other guests will join in with sackfulls of our money.

If that isn't enough to keep us all amused, there will be a separate sideshow starring a smiling Jacqui Smith, who has got away with saying her main home was in London.

The “solution” is not to the liking of Sir Stuart Bell.  He has put it about that Sir Thomas has been a naughty boy and not read the script:

Many MPs feel he has not stayed within that remit. He is not respecting the decisions that were made by the Fees Office in accordance with the rules.

Our beleaguered MPs could invoke the “Irish Principle” and instruct Legg to revisit his audit until he comes up with the right answer.

Let us hope they all do what is honourable, pay the money back and then we can all move on.

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  1. Paying back stolen money is sufficiently honourable that we can just forget about is and move on?

    So if I break into your house and steal all your stuff, you'll be happy with me just giving you a cheque if I'm unfortunate enough to get caught? You don't think a little jail time might be in order?

  2. Lady Virginia Droit de SeigneurOctober 12, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    No No No No No!!!

    Not put the money back and move on - some of these pricks have committed deception and fraud.

    People like Lord Paul, Baroness Uddin, Fat Jacqui and Elliott Morley need to be in a court.

    Normal people who embezzle money don't get to pay it back and move on.

    Equality in the eyes of the law otherwise politics is permanently damaged.