08 October 2009

Cameron’s speech wasn't that great

Well, did Cameron do it?

It wasn't a classic and was pretty low key from a leader who is potentially seven months away from power.  It didn't hang together.  There were no new ideas.  The speech was a missed opportunity and in many respects was underwhelming.

There is something about this Tory conference that doesn't feel right.  They maybe united around Cameron, but the impression left is that the party is nervous about the next seven months and, as yet, haven't “cut the mustard” with the electorate.

We should wait to see how the speech plays out.  At the end of the conference season it would be a misjudgement to say that the the Tory party have it in the bag.  Gambler George may have taken to bigger risk.

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  1. ...too big a risk? You don't help your arguments with such poor spell-checking.

  2. I think anonymous misses the point somewhat.

    I think Cameron showed his weaknesses, one of them being his supposed strength: PR.
    Gordy was criticised for not having any themes, and Cameron tried to go on about Big Government etc. as themes, but they didn't have the beef needed.

    I thought he was trying to be too many things to too many people, to me.
    I don't buy all this Party Of The Poor stuff, and their main support seems to me to be anti-Labour sentiment, though from what I can see Osborne's idea has gone down far better.
    He was bold and i think people have gone for that