05 October 2009

Europe: Cameron may just get away with it

Our Dave’s motto for the week, “Have faith in the Czechs”, may well stop a lorry load of nails gate-crashing his carefully choreographed conference, if this report in The Times turns out to be accurate:

The Czech Constitutional Court will announce in two weeks’ time a timetable for its latest inquiry, demanded by senators close to President Klaus and widely seen as a delaying tactic.


Jan Fischer, the Czech Prime Minister, will attend talks in Brussels on Wednesday designed to keep up the pressure on his President to ratify.

But wait. We mustn't forget Sweden, which holds the rotating EU presidency:

Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish Prime Minister, said that his meeting in Brussels with Mr Fischer and José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, would “decide the action to take to advance the situation”.

With the Poles certain to ratify the treaty within days, Cameron will just have to hope and pray that a “solemn and binding agreement” to ratify the treaty doesn't emerge from the meeting.

After what Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president, said at the weekend, it is all over.  What Cameron will not want to hear this week is the sound of the final whistle.

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