09 October 2009

Nobel Peace Prize correction: It was Brown who “saved the world”

He told us himself.

image The nomination happened 11 days into his presidency!

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  1. Of all the mud to sling at Brown, that's what you come up with? A slip of the tonge.
    I'm sorry if i get all ranty and loud mouthed, but it really annoys me that people go on about this so much. The bloke said one thing when he meant to say another. It's really silly.
    There are far more important things to criticise Gordy over than that.
    Do you agree, or am i going over the top?

  2. Any stigma to beat a dogma.

  3. Brown saved the world when he landed on Obama Beach in the Second War.

  4. BS,

    I found the whole thing beyond paraody. Yes, there are far more important things to criticise GB for. This blog has demonstrated that over many months.

    What you prefer? The day satire died again.