06 October 2009

Ken Clarke wants to know why Mandy did it

Ken Clarke has asked the most penetrating of questions:

So where has Peter Mandelson made his biggest mark on British politics so far?

He gives the answer:

Ironically he is the man who saved Gordon Brown from the incompetent plotters in the Labour Party who were trying to overthrow him twelve months ago.

Ken, it was four months ago but carry on:

That was the whole point of the Mandelson come-back.  But for Peter Mandelson, Britain would have thrown off the burden of Brown as Prime Minister.  Why, oh why did you do that Peter?

Some of us are continually asking the same question.

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  1. To keep Brown in place and prevent an early election.To stop us having a vote on the treaty or whatever they call it these days.Simples !

  2. @ ken from glos, you got it in one. He's kind of like Skorzeny, always ready for a special Fuhrer assignment.