14 October 2009

Coming to a TV near you


This should seal it for Labour MPs.  Next Tuesday will prove that Brown doesn't have the communication skills required for an election campaign. 

Our three party leaders will sit side-by-side as they take questions from an unknown committee looking into ways to get more women, ethnic minority and disabled people to enter Parliament.

Some are saying this will be forerunner to the TV election debates.  In principle that is true, although we may find one of the three is replaced sometime soon.

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1 comment:

  1. I went to a recent Fabian event, which was well attended by ethnic minorities and women.

    However, while I may be white, I was in a significant minority in that I wasn't posh i.e. public school, Oxbridge etc.
    This is something that I think needs to be addressed. Now that ethnic minorities are being represented higher up the class ladder, how about some of us who aren't in the elite class being represented as well?
    This, to me, is another key point when talking about proper representation that is too rarely addressed.