27 October 2009

AJ4PM: The campaign goes on

Our Man goes from strength-to-strength.  Following his announcement in the Commons on Gary McKinnon, AJ has received the welcome news that the Home Office has shown “great improvement” under his leadership.

The sketch writers are also impressed with AJ’s performance in the Commons.

Simon Carr says he gave a “world-class reply” to a question about population growth and:

It must be said that Alan Johnson doesn't look as hopeless as he keeps saying he is. "Vote for me! I haven't got the desire, the talent, the confidence for the job!" Maybe it's a more cunning plan than we think.

Simon Hoggart has similar thoughts:

It is said that Johnson is not at all certain whether he could actually handle the job if he became prime minister. He has publicly expressed doubts on the matter. So he gives the impression of a man who is trying to snatch the prize but is terrified of succeeding.

The penny drops:

His technique seems to be to say as little as possible, and not to offend anyone when he says it.

Hoggart could have added that smiling and nodding are also an important part of the technique.

Perhaps AJ is telling us he wants the job, but, unlike the Milibands, he doesn't need to make it so obvious.

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  1. As a humble Labour Party activist I cannot help but wonder why some even allow the indulgence of Leadership speculation. Whatever the supposed shortcomings of Gordon Brown, surely this is mere froth? Policies and a vision for the future have got to be more important. General Elections are far too important to be decided X-Factor or Big Brother-style.