23 October 2009

DM4PM or EM4PM. What is going on?

First, a little recap.  On Tuesday we had Rachel Sylvester telling us the ‘band of Milband brothers’ were going to take over the Labour party.  Then, Jon Snow reported that Miliband the elder had had enough and would be taking himself off to Europe.

This morning both The Times and The Guardian have similar stories about DM’s career plans.  The “Mole” over at The First Post repeats most of what Sylvester said, but then adds:

The question is, which Miliband? Many say Ed is likely to defer to his elder brother David. But Ed is seen as more personable and a stronger campaigner than David. Couple those factors with the chitchat in Brussels and Paris that David could become Europe's first foreign minister - sorry, "high representative" - and you see why the smart money is moving in Ed's direction.

How odd that in her rather gossipy article Sylvester missed the Europe dimension.  Her conclusion was the Mandy and DM would cook up some kind of deal over the weekend.

Anyway, there is a certain logic to all this.  DM moves to Brussels in the new year, with the announcement made sometime before.  This then allows EM to organise a bloodless coup in December or January.

So, we have a consensus building around Miliband the younger, but there has to be a question mark if this is the right choice.

It is doubtful Cameron will be losing much sleep if he has to face Ed Miliband at the general election.

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