18 October 2009

Brown and Cameron have a common bond

GB wants six.  Nick Clegg wants three.  Cameron only wants one.  The negotiations over the TV leaders’ debates are heading towards the buffers.  Melissa Kite has the latest:

Mr Cameron has proposed the most slimline option, involving one debate with all three leaders. But Mr Brown has told broadcasters he wants at least six. He and Mr Cameron would go head to head in one, Mr Brown would face Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, in another while Mr Cameron would face Mr Clegg in a third. Then there would be three more debates between Mr Brown and Mr Cameron focused on a different issue each time, such as the economy.

“Madness” is the word used to describe the negotiations.  Well indeed, although you have to ask if Brown and Cameron really do want the debates to happen.

When the talks do fail we will have the delight of witnessing the mother of all blame games.

Cross the popcorn off the shopping list.

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1 comment:

  1. We shouldn't be surprised. The underdog usually wants lots and the likely victor, very few, so it is here. The same happens in the US. After a few months it be settled. We will probably end up with 3. The wild card is whether they will all include the Lib Dems. Lets hope not.