25 October 2009

Is George Osborne ready?

Skip over what Brown has to say in his latest fireside chat.  The interesting stuff is tucked away at the bottom of the article:

Labour, meanwhile, is to target George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, in an effort to highlight his perceived "lack of judgement" in the run-up to the Pre Budget Report, expected in late November or early December.

MPs are to be issued with "attack lines" against Mr Osborne, including claims that, had he been chancellor, he would have seriously damaged the economy and Britain's recovery chances.

One Labour strategist said:

We need to take him out of the game.

As discussed, Labour do need to chip away at Osborne’s credibility in the hope it will destroy his confidence.  If they are successful, it leave Cameron rather exposed.

Labour’s strategy is correct and it is surprising they have not rolled this out before now.  It may well have some success, so long as Mandy doesn't launch further personal attacks on Osborne.

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  1. It's happening as I type Howard. Liam Byrne is on Sky with Adam Bolton don't just exactly that.

  2. I will have to catch up. I was recovering from Marr.

  3. They aren't intelligent enough...

  4. They have to be dreaming. The worst recession since records began and they want to attack Osbourne's credibility!