10 October 2009

The polls start to paint a picture

We have two of those all important post-conference polls this morning:

YouGov in The Sun:

CON 42%, LAB 28%, LDEM 19%

BPIX in the Daily Mail:

CON 42%, LAB 28%, LDEM 20%

The evidence from both polls does suggest that the Tory strategy has cut through to the voters.  In the BPIX poll only 16% believe Labour is ‘being honest about the crisis in Britain’s public finances’, and just 21% think Labour has the best proposals for ‘sorting out the economy’.

As discussed earlier, Brown’s view of the world is rather different and, more importantly, is making no impact.

We need to wait for a few more polls, as these were both conducted at the time of Cameron’s speech, but here is further proof that the conference season has meant very little.

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