24 October 2009

EM4PM: Something is not right

Yet more speculation, this time in the Indy, on the career development of the ‘band of Miliband brothers’.  Like it or not, there does appear to be consensus building in favour of Miliband the younger to take over from Brown.

Paul Linford, picking up on the unfolding developments of the week, suggests that Miliband the elder will be happier going off to Europe and Mandy favours the younger Ed:

As well as resuming his front-runner status for the Labour leadership, Mr Miliband is also being spoken of as a contender for the post of EU foreign minister or "high representative," due to be created once the Lisbon Treaty is ratified.

Mr Miliband used Twitter to deny the rumour yesterday, but some insist he'd be happier in that role than in No 10, and that it's actually younger brother Ed who is Mandy's chosen one.

One slogan heard doing the rounds this week was “New Year, New Leader” – and once again, the name of Miliband seems to be in the frame.

This is all very well, but to date the Czechs haven't ratified the Lisbon Treaty.  Also, brother David can only race off to Europe if someone, rather than his mentor Tony Blair, becomes President of Europe.

So, we have Rachel Syvester’s original story, which has mushroomed during the week with no attempt to close the rumours down; the Europe dimension, which is outside the control of the Labour party; and Miliband's tweet, which doesn't add up to much.

How odd that a coup, not expected to take place until January, be allowed to gain traction on a daily basis under the watchful eye of the media.

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