23 October 2009

Another dreadful week

So, the British Chambers of Commerce has been proved right, the UK economy has not come out of recession.  However, before we all overreact it is well worth reading Stephanie Flanders.  The headline figures may not be reflecting what is actually going on.

That, of course, will not help Brown after another dreadful week.  His political credibility has fallen further after Biscuitgate, save the world Part II, an awful PMQs, the postal strike and Rugbygate.

Keep in mind that there only two further sets of quarterly figures to come, Q4 2009 and Q1 2010, before the election.

Even if David Blanchflower is proved right and Brown is following the correct policies, the political events are making it far more difficult for Our Dear Leader to argue his case and inspire confidence.

Today’s headline figures will only add to the leadership speculation.

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