29 October 2009

Tony Blair for el presidente

imageNo, Blair hasn't said it nor has he given an interview, but it easy to assume that he had.  All we get, from the once great newspaper of record, is unidentified sources saying that Blair wants the job if the role is substantial.

In his never ending pursuit to wrong-foot the Tories, short-term tactical Brown is all in favour of the man that achieved so much for him by winning three elections. 

However, the Germans and other far away countries of which we know little are having doubts.

Within these damp islands, the Tories and Lib Dems have said no.  The great British public, who once so idolised him like a rock star, don't even want a President of Europe let alone Tony Blair.  Finally, there is the Iraq inquiry to come, which starts to take evidence towards the end of November.

Some Labour MPs are not keen and have tabled a Commons motion condemning the Government as “wrong and unwise” to champion Blair.  This is hardly an ideal time to cause the comrades further grief, a point that Brown, as usual, appears to have overlooked.

The media, of course, want him as he will provide endless stories, which could leave Blair open to ridicule.  Then there is small matter of Cherie to consider, hardly a popular figure with the press or the public.

Against this background you have to ask if Blair does want the job, if he is right person and what he will achieve.  Blair is used to a command and control sofa style way of working rather then being answerable to 27 heads of state.

The speculation will go on until the Czech president signs the treaty, which may have far greater consequences for David Cameron than it does for one Tony Blair.

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