10 October 2009

Labour send the wrong man into bat

Under ever darkening skies and with the wicket taking an increasing amount of spin, Part 2 of “Operation Fightback” begins with Labour sending the team captain onto the pitch.

Your heart will sink.  Gordon Brown has given one of his “It will be all right on the night” interviews to, of all papers, the Telegraph saying it is “simply not true” that tough times lie ahead:

If you have a growth policy for Britain, get unemployment down, get the economy moving forward, then Britain can have upgrowth.

We’ve said that the economy will grow by one and half per cent next year and more people are moving towards our position as a result of what they’ve seen in the economy over the last few months.

The choice is between people like me who are optimists for the future of this country and those who think the prospects of this generation are worse than the last.

Oh dear.  Will he ever learn.  Yes, we know that figures will be produced before the election showing the economy has returned to growth.  What we would like to hear is some small details about his plans for the future spiced up with a little bit of vision.

For Brown it all too late, nobody is listening.  Polly Toynbee, once-upon-a-time cheerleader for the SDP, talks sense sometimes:

But it doesn't work because voters don't do gratitude. They want to know the forward offer. What would you do about everything still badly wrong? What kind of people are you, and do I like your leader? Do you lift the spirits with hope for a better world?

How much better it would have been to keep Brown in the pavilion and send Darling into bat, who the odd person does listen to.

We have a triple whammy.  An interview given by the person who has lost the media, saying things no one will believe to the wrong newspaper.

Keep going Gordon.  It won’t be long now.

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  1. Just read the article, what a pity no comments are allowed.

    Why the Daily Telegraph for this so called message ?

    Have stopped buying it now.