25 October 2009

Miliband for Europe?

First, here is the transcript of Marr’s interview with David Miliband:

AM: Thank you. Would you, if asked, take the job of European Foreign Minister, or indeed European President?

DM: No, I'm not a candidate for that. I'm not available. I've got a job that I'm absolutely committed to and I'm proud to do. There is a bigger game going on here than just to do with the High Representative, the foreign policy role, and that is to do with the Presidency of the European Council …

Will that be enough to kill off the speculation?  Gavin Hewlitt, having watched Marr, doesn't think so and believes that there will be an interest in Miliband if Blair fails to be come President of Europe:

That may not stem the growing interest in the British foreign secretary in European capitals.

So, the rumours will rumble on for a while until Miliband utters the words, “not in any circumstances”.

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