06 September 2009

Not everything is going Dave’s way. Far from it

Hmmm.  The Tories maybe riding high in the polls, but there are a couple of worrying developments that Our Dave should be concerning himself about.

The latest council by-election results are not exactly reflecting the polls.  In addition, you would assume that do-no-wrong Cameron would be attracting new members to the fold in droves.  The reverse is the case.  It doesn't smell right.

Then we have this, buried deep inside John Rentoul’s pearls of wisdom:

The obvious implication, among consenting Labour MPs in private, is that a different leader could save them 50 seats simply by understanding the art of contemporary electioneering.

50 seats!!!!  That is just the number that denies Cameron a majority and will cause Clegg to break out in a sweat.

The neon lights maybe shinning brightly on Team Cameron, the media may have fallen for the Tories, but ladies and gentlemen of the jury the evidence that Cameron has ‘sealed the deal’ with the electorate is simply not there.

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