07 September 2009

Mrs Marr gets there in the end

We get the full treatment from Jackie Ashley as she gives a lesson on ‘how-to-fill-a-column-when-there-is-not-much-to-say’.  She starts:

Let me take you by the hand and lead you to a very different Britain, one that's perhaps not more than half a year away.

Are you starting to get the picture?  She moves on:

The BBC is being dismantled and a Fox News-style Murdoch broadcasting agenda is ripping ahead.

One can only assume that husband Andy is getting worried that his Sunday show (it was dreadful yesterday) may get dumped.

Then she paints a boring picture of the Labour battlefield.  The party’s dismal future, the lack of strategy, whether Brown will go (she doubts it) and the apparent lack of fight.  She asks why the Cabinet are not out there defending the government.  Dear lady, like you they have been on holiday!

Finally, having fleshed out the above, we get there:

A Tory government will do things people on the centre left will hate. If ministers and other Labour MPs have an ounce of spirit, or even self-interest, it's time to point these things out. They can't prevent defeat. They could halt catastrophe.

The little difficulty is that, having exhausted herself and her readers by saying nothing, she runs out of space to suggest what Labour has to do.

Never mind, we all know what Labour needs to do.  However, and in fairness to Jackie who does point this out, some of us are worried whether Labour have the stomach for the fight.

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