07 September 2009

A nation confused: Is it a U-turn?

On Sunday Brown is in a panic.  He burns off some carbon and takes himself to see soon-to be–re-elected Angela Merkel.  There, in a safe haven, he announces that he will urge Libya to compensate IRA victims:

We will appoint dedicated officers in the Foreign Office and our embassy in Tripoli who will accompany the campaign group to meetings with the Libyan government to negotiate compensation.

Meanwhile, back in the UK all hell breaks loose. Hague calls for “a proper U-turn”, Nick Robinson (with the official briefing yet to arrive from Downing Street) is totally at sea on Today and the boy Balls becomes the first Cabinet minister to say, “none of us wanted to see the release of al-Megrahi”

Does Baldrick have a cunning plan to get Brown out of this mess?  It would seem not.

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