06 September 2009

A further correction. Labour isn't working on election night

Are you looking forward to election night?  The adrenalin rush, the exit poll, the slow build up to the results, the 2010 “Michael Portillo moment”, Paxman rubbing the loser’s humiliation into their wounds and the masterful David Dimbleby doing it for one last time.  Calm yourselves.  A good nights sleep you may well get:

Council staff who want to protect their 9-5 existence are threatening to ruin live television coverage of the next general election results by refusing to count the votes on polling day.

Electoral returning officers in as many as one in four local authorities are considering abandoning the traditional Thursday night count.

Several major councils, including Newcastle upon Tyne, have already opted for a Friday count. Officials in Leeds, York, Gloucestershire and the London borough of Lewisham are among those considering it.

Some councils say the cost of hiring several dozen tellers cannot be justified at a time of cutbacks

HMQ will not be pleased with this arrangement.  She will want to her new Prime Minister to have ‘kissed hands’ by lunchtime on the Friday, so she can leave London for the weekend before the evening rush hour.  Maybe Our Dave will be asked to drive to Windsor?

Let us hope these little local difficulties can be resolved so the election night traditions of this country can be maintained.  Of course it is all Brown’s fault.  If he hadn't ruined the economy, we wouldn't need the cutbacks!

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  1. Just another way for Labour to "Stuff" the postal ballot boxes and steal votes.

    The votes should be counted straight after the vote to avoid the possibility of corruption - otherwise, we will see the same shenanigans that happened in Birmingham Council Elections and the Glenrothes By-Election.

    Labour should not be given an opportunity to 'fiddle' the results.

  2. If you think Labour are capable of pulling off mass voting fraud and not getting caught, you severely overestimate their ability.

  3. Not if the resultant boxes of stored voted go up in a great conflagration despite the best efforts of the heroic fire service ....

    Alan Douglas