06 September 2009

Correction. Labour is working

A humble apology.  An earlier post highlighted that Labour isn't working.  You will be pleased to hear that normal service has been resumed:

A Labour plot to smear the new head of the Army, General Sir David Richards, because of his daughter’s ‘crime’ of working for David Cameron was exposed last night.

The threat to target the General, who took up his new job just nine days ago, was one of the real reasons that Labour MP Eric Joyce resigned as an aide to Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth last week.

Former soldier Mr Joyce has told friends he attended a meeting at the Ministry of Defence where a discussion took place on how to target Sir David’s predecessor, General Sir Richard Dannatt, for criticising the Government’s failure to give enough support to British troops.

And The Mail on Sunday has established that Mr Joyce was also disturbed to hear Labour colleagues discuss Sir David’s 25-year-old daughter, Joanna Richards, who recently became Mr Cameron’s diary secretary.

Well-placed sources say Mr Joyce feared Labour was preparing to deploy more smear tactics against General Richards if he stepped out of line like General Dannatt.

Lifting morale of the troops, the Brown way.

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