14 September 2009

Mandy on Today: Update

Tory Bear says Mandy is yesterday’s man and is living in the past:

There was a time when Mandelson and Campbell had the press by the balls and were able to spout lies and not strictly accurate one liners, knowing full well that if the hacks wanted to keep their access they wouldn't question it.

Mandelson isn't stupid. He knows full well that the Labour investment/Tory cuts line was tried and it failed, so his blatant attempt at rewriting history was not from memory lapse.

TB makes an important point and his conclusions are spot on.  Mandy has known all along that Brown’s line on cuts would not work.  The other point worth noting is that Mandy has now got to try and put the toothpaste back in the tube and work out where he goes from here.

Labour need a completely different approach to the public finance debate.

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  1. Mandy is pulling the same old levers, but they don't lead anywhere.

    Or, to use another image, he is the Wizard of Oz and the little dog has pulled back the curtain...

    He does remind me of a pussy-cat: an old one, sitting on a chair, capable of preening and hissing but too old to swipe its claws or dig its teeth in. It will be a shame when he is ousted in 8 months or so...he's clearly enjoying every minute of the time he has left.