08 September 2009

Hopi, all I want is for you to convince me

It is time to make up.  Bloggers shouldn't fall out, but stick together whatever their views.  We are a small community that feed off each other.  So, we must not offend and use phases like silliness, which Hopi has taken exception to in the comments section of one his posts.  The point is taken.

Firstly, let us deal with this comment:

Eventsdearboy and Newmania hark back to an England that exists only in the imagination. The kind of people who think their schooldays were the best of their lives.

Well indeed.  School days in the 60’s when a four times Labour leader was dominating the political scene with the most intellectually gifted Cabinet that some of us can remember, when we used to win the odd World Cup, when us schoolboys were able to sit on the grass at Lord’s and watch the Test match without the shadow of the most hideous construction known to man (the press box) looking down on us and when general election results were delivered on a Thursday night.  Yes, they were the days.

Also in the memory bank is; the 1970 election and what this 16 old boy felt on that June morning; the long march through the 70’s; sitting in the Commons on the night the government fell in March 1979 when Foot made the speech of his life without notes; watching Thatcher enter Downing Street; witnessing the the Labour party tear itself apart in the early ‘80’s; and watching the the ‘Gang of Four’ not having the guts to fight inside the party with Finkelstein and Toynbee bringing up the rear, while at the same time applauding Healey for saving the Labour party from itself.

Also remembered is the long 18 years of opposition; the Kinnock fight back; the rise of New Labour, the brilliance of Blair in opposition (although he was not as good as Wilson); and that bright new dawn in 1997.

My language may not be to your liking, but I know what it takes to win elections, I know that Brown can’t communicate, I know that Cameron is a masterclass act (as today has demonstrated) and I know that Brown will get torn to shreds in an election campaign.

So Hopi, what I want is you to convince me, John Rentoul and any other person that cares to listen is how Labour can win the election with Brown as leader.  What frustrates me is that you have not put the case convincingly or maybe I just do not get it.

I am new to this blogging game.  You are up there with Dale’s great and the good.  All I want is for you to sell Brown to me.  Can you do that?  Is that too much to ask?

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