09 September 2009

Has Labour lost the will to fight?

Jon Cruddas tells it how it should be told.

The communication problem:

For me the question is why can we not lay a glove on them; we are mute. I would suggest it is because we have lost our language, our empathy, our generosity; because we have retreated into a philosophical framework of the right.

The vision problem:

There are plenty of initiatives and announcements but no sense of animating purpose, no compelling case for re-election.

And confirmation that Labour has lost the will to fight:

Our lack of story and radicalism means we appear paralysed by a form of defeatism; of meekly accepting imminent Tory victory.

If Cruddas is right and Labour is “meekly” going to accept a Tory victory then it is all over.  Perhaps, as discussed, with so many MPs retiring at the next election the motivation has gone, the “fight, fight and fight again” spirit is not there.

The hope must be that someone, somehow will think that fight worth it, but the evidence is not there.

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