09 September 2009

Cameron prepares himself for the challenge ahead


The Tories get the headline they wanted after yesterday’s speeches from Darling and Cameron:

Neither Cameron or Darling offered details of any significant cuts, but the contrasting styles of the two parties could not have been clearer, with Cameron's headline-grabbing vow to cut ministerial pay and end subsidised food at Westminster conflicting with Darling's more sober promise to conduct a "no-holds barred review" of spending.

Cameron is right to keep reminding the public about the expenses scandal and that he is the person that will provide the leadership on this issue.

The Tory leader is warming himself up for the critical weeks ahead.  Mike Smithson makes these important observations having attended a Cameron style town hall event:

There was very little in terms of attacks on Brown and where he did criticise it was in a low-key way. This wasn’t the knockabout Cameron that we know from PMQs.

He didn’t try to please the crowd. Maybe he is very mindful that he’s likely to become PM in the next nine months but there was nothing there to get the easy applause. Where tough things had to be said he said them. He didn’t tone down his view on issues like the need to continue the overseas aid budget - something that would have been quite easy to do.

He has become a serious politician for serious times and is going to be very hard to compete against in a general election campaign.

Not only style but substance.  From the evidence of yesterday and how he handled Alan Duncan’s loose talk, Cameron is going to be a formidable campaigner in the months ahead.

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