09 September 2009

How Lord Foulkes intends to help Cameron

After not much thought and plenty of hot air Lord Foulkes, the Labour peer and Brown’s attack dog from up North, has a new job.  He has become President and Chief Guarantor of the “How to Ensure that Cameron Wins the Election Society”.  The job is one that Foulkes is most suited to and any idiot can apply to become a member.  Upon joining fellow comrades will receive this welcome note from Lord Foulkes:

Thank you for joining this esteemed body.  Our task is easy.  Every time highly respected public figures who give a life time of service to this country speak out against the Labour party, we will rubbish them no matter what.  Any means at our disposal will be used.  Freedom of Information requests, Parliamentary questions, briefings to sympathetic journalists etc.  There is little to do apart from sit back and watch as your President makes a complete and utter fool of himself.

Accompanying this welcome note will be case studies in what Lord Foulkes has been doing on behalf of the Society.  This one has leaked to the press and gives a first class example about their work.

Members will note that on publication of each of these studies Cameron’s poll lead increases, underpinning the valuable work that the “How to Ensure that Cameron Wins the Election Society” is undertaking on behalf of the nation.

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