01 October 2009

Who is right? Mandy or Kavanagh

His Lordship has been having a little chat with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight (not as yet on-line), where he spoke about Murdoch firing “a mighty Exocet into the party”:

I even gather that Rupert Murdoch was a little surprised and disappointed by a decision signed off on by his son James.

Now, here is Trevor Kavanagh, associate editor of The Sun, on Radio 4’s ‘The Media Show’ (5 mins in):

Question: Was this decision discussed with James Murdoch?

TK: Of course it was.

Question: And (pause) so Rupert is at one with this?

TK: Absolutely.  It wouldn't have happened without their agreement and involvement.

Mandy picking a fight with the mighty Rupert.  Whatever next?

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