03 October 2009

The TV leaders’ debates: Don’t get excited

Following the joint statement by BBC, ITV and BSkyB, Brown, being behind the curve yet again, had no choice but to agree “in principle” to the TV leaders’ debates, but he has left himself plenty of wriggle room if the negotiations fail, saying:

Others can work out the details.

Nick Robinson is spot on:

Now all that remains is to agree the details. This could be easier said than done.

Just how are the nationalists going to be accommodated? Then we get to the Lib Dems, who are not entitled to the same air time during an election as Labour and the Tories.

The negotiations will be tricky, consume much energy and if they fail stand by for mother of all “blame games”.

There is much water to pass under this particular bridge before we get to the TV studio.

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  1. If it happens let's just hope that Dave does not come over as too much of a smarty pants, best to just let Gordon get all upset then look all mystified at Clegg.

  2. it's interesting that Cameron has everything to loose and Brown nothing.
    Hopefully, Cameron will come across as the two-faced snake he is, and Brown will do better than Ed Miliband who got taken apart by Paxman after Gordy's conference speech

  3. This assumes that Brown will fight the election. Although the AJ4PM campaign has taken a knock today, we fight on. Something must be done.