02 October 2009

Should Campbell return?

The FT’s Westminster blog has confirmed Guido’s story that Alastair Campbell is return to Downing Street.  The only issue being whether he returns soon or just before the election.

No one doubts Campbell talents.  He has raised a number of important points about Labour’s strategy recently, which are obviously being fed into Downing Street.  Working for Brown, who the public is not listening to and has lost the public’s trust, is an entirely different proposition than when he propelled Blair to greatness.  Campbell has also to overcome the huge problem that Brown has lost the media.  No small task, even for him.

Then there is Iraq.  Chillot’s inquiry will bubble to the surface in run-up the election.  The possible repercussions in having Campbell in an exposed position while this inquiry takes evidence are obvious.  No one knows what will be said.

We are where are.  The cat is out the bag.  From Labour’s viewpoint wouldn't be better for Campbell, those reputation is well known, to advise Brown on an ad hoc basis, rather than for him to come back in a frontline role?

The appointment could end up damaging both of them.

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