01 September 2009

The voters will not thank Brown

PoliticsHome has a poll that confirms that the government will not get any credit for their management of the economy:

imageAnd 65% of voters do not expect any change to Labour's electoral fortunes, with only 23% saying it is still possible:


Any attempt for Brown to say ‘we are over the worst’ has been rather dampened by the weakness of manufacturing output in August  

These results add to the historical evidence that governments that are responsible for a downturn do not benefit when the economy turns around.

Having read (it took some doing) the transcript of Brown’s interview with the FT, there isn't a single hint of any new policy initiative or game changing plan that he is yet to reveal.  Brown just bores on about what he did to save the economy by taking those ‘difficult decisions’.  Rather predictably he puts great store on the forthcoming G20 meeting in Pittsburgh.  Presumably, delusional Gordon thinks that will provide a springboard for a successful Labour conference.  Oh dear.

Little sign so far of any autumn offensive that will light up the sky.  The AJ4PM campaign is on course for lift off fairly soon.

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