02 September 2009

The debate about the TV debate

The none too small matter of whether we should have a TV election debate between the party leaders has become a flourishing multi-part industry.  Also, little lobbying operations are popping up similar to the green shots that Brown is looking for to revive his flagging fortunes.

Sky have started a campaign for the debate to happen and you can sign a petition.  All good stuff, which of course is all to do with Sky’s desire to have their own man, Adam Boulton, host the debate.  The lad has some stiff competition.  The Times is running the story that the ever-green Sir David Frost could well emerge as a possible host.  The leaders like him, no doubt for his non-penetrating style of interviewing.

So, we now have numerous little cottage industries appearing about the leaders TV debate. One, should there be a debate.  Two, what form should the debate take and how many sessions should there be.  Three, who will host.  Four, who will transmit the debate, etc etc.

The other small cottage industry that needs considering is the one of James Gordon Brown.  Let us assume that he survives and goes on to lead Labour at the election.  Are we seriously suggesting that the greatest non-communicator ever will go head-to-head with David Cameron in a TV debate?  Our Dave would sweep the floor with him.

Having Sir David Frost emerge as the favoured host should be enough of a reason to kick the whole matter of a leaders TV debate into touch once more.  Brown should elevate him to the Lords without delay.

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