15 September 2009

The unions prepare Labour for opposition

Oh dear.  The unions are using their influence to ensure Labour lurches to the left after the election:

Local trade union branches have been affiliating to Labour constituency associations over the past two years to have a greater say over candidate selection when MPs stand down.

Until recently, links between local trade unions and Labour constituency parties had been in decline but union figures, as well as the Blairite activists whom they often oppose, say that a conscious attempt to reverse this is giving union branch secretaries greater influence over selections.

Senior Labour figures estimate that three quarters of the candidates in winnable seats at the forthcoming general election were the choice of one of the major unions when selected.

At the end of the day, after the years of reform, the unions still have an unrepresentative hold on the Labour party.

This development will have a direct influence on who becomes Labour leader after the election but will make no difference to the decision that Labour has to take in the next few weeks.

The brothers in the unions really do not get it, they never have done and never will.

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  1. Morning Howard. Don't have any time for unions, they're too good at wasting money. Jobs for the boys right enough and it's no surprise they've got Brown by the short and curlies.